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All Eyes on the Calender.

"And with these drinks, I plan to collapse and forget this wasted year.."
2010 is heading to its end. I am not a big fan of reviews, nor I am a big fan of the year 2010. But of course New Year has it's symbolic effect. And so it's time to leave plenty of things behind. 2010 was a year of total diversity for me, but I prefer to hold onto the good things, though it sometimes can be hard (“My private life is an inside joke. No one will explain it to me”..). was it that always saved me. I feel like music is sometimes more able to describe how someone’s feeling, than his own words could ever do.
Through the year I made some wonderful musical discoveries, I'd like to share with you. So here is my little selection, rowed in a Top 5:

5. Port O’Brien – All We Could Do Was Sing // 
Dial M for Murder! – Fiction Of Her Dreams

I couldn’t decide whom to put on number 5, so I just put two bands on it. These two bands couldn’t be more different, but I spent the first half of 2010 with them, so they both deserve a place in my Top 5 !
Let’s start with Port O’ Brien. Port O’Brien is a Indie-/Folk-Band from Alaska. They’re similar to The Decemberists and Friska Viljor. I even read somewhere that Port O’Brien is the new favorite band of M.Ward.
I prefer their album “All We Could Do Was Sing”, which was released in 2008. the Album opens with the danceable song “I Woke Up Today”. “All We Could Do Was Sing” as a whole is succeeded, in my opinion. Good to listen to and a few songs, that have the potential to grow. My personal favorite song is Fisherman’s Son.

Fisherman's Son - Port O'Brien

Totally contrary to Port O’Brien, Dial M for Murder! is a swedish Indie-/Post-Punk-Band, that was formed in 2007. Their album “Fiction of her Dreams” was released in 2009. When I first listened to the album this year, I also liked it as a whole and couldn’t stop hearing it for weeks. Dial M for Murder! definitely is a band that is worth to keep an eye on.
Hello - Dial M for Murder!

4. Holly Miranda – The Magicians Private Library

My personal number 4 is Holly Miranda, an american singer-songwriter, that I just discovered a few month ago. Last year she supported The XX on their european tour the tour and I can’t believe that I missed it !!!
I first felt in love with her really beautiful song “Waves”, but as I listened to the whole record “The Magicians Private Library” I didn’t liked it at all. A few weeks later I gave it another chance and suddenly it grow more and more. Her haunting voice is able to make you forget that the album here and there seems a bit over-produced.
The Magicians Private Library is Holly Miranda’s Debut Album, that was released in February 2010.
Anyway, what I would recommend even more are her covers of Lauryn Hill’s “Ex-Factor” and Jeff Buckley’s “Lover, You Should Have Come Over”. In my opinion, these covers show her real potential as a singer and musician.
By the way…Holly Mirandas music is also inspired by Jeff Buckley…which makes it, for me, even more interesting. Plus, she looks really beautiful! Ha ha!
Waves - Holly Miranda

Ex-Factor - Holly Miranda

3. Azure Ray – Drawing Down The Moon

Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink, better known as Azure Ray, released their first album in 2001. But this year Azure Ray released a new one, named “Drawing Down the Moon”, and that’s why they’re totally deserving a place in my Top 5!
What I love most about Azure Ray is the contrast between their soft, quiet voices and their dark and melancholic lyrics. In this case, the new album is no surprise. It is, how I know and how I like Azure Ray. In other words: “Drawing Down the Moon” is wonderful!
The Record opens with “Wake Up, Sleepyhead”, a perfect introduction to the album and goes on with songs like “Don’t leave my mind” and “Larraine” … songs that keep sticking in head and heart. And then there is “Signs in the leaves” (‘Days were dark with you in my mind. I thought it best to be free’), “Dancing Ghosts” (‘I knew it would end this way. But I chose it anyway. Was I taken up your empty god?’) and the closing track “Walking in Circles” (‘I thought I was strong, until my strength wore out’) that make the Album as amazing as it is.
On Feb. 15th I will see Azure Ray live and I’m sure it will be as good, as I expect it.

Signs in the Leaves - Azure Ray

2. The Antlers – Hospice

The Antlers are an american indie band, fronted by the brilliant Peter Silberman. In the end of 2009 they released their first full-length record “Hospice”. Just a little while ago I heard of The Antlers and “Hospice”. The record is a concept-album and as written on Wikipedia: “Hospice tells the story of an emotionally abusive relationship, explained through the analogy of a Hospice worker and terminally-ill patient. Frontman Peter Silberman has been reticent to divulge explicit details regarding the meaning of the record, and the extent to which it is autobiographical.”The record and every song on it, is beautiful and sad at the same time. Musical seen it’s nothing special, but it doesn’t need to be. Hospice is agitating!
As I read, before releasing the record, Peter Silberman isolated himself from the external world for two years to write “Hospice”. These facts make it even more amazing and extraordinary. And so “Hospice” definitely is not a record to listen to it alongside.
My favorite track on it is “Epilogue”, followed by “Atrophy”, “Two” or “Kettering”. But the whole record is hauntingly beautiful and also will be on my side in 2011 !

Epilogue - The Antlers

1.    Tim Kasher – The Game Of Monogamy

I’m not really sure why I put Tim Kasher on Number 1. Musically, both Azure Ray and The Antlers could also be on my personal first place. But probably it’s because I can connect most to “The Game of Monogamy”.
Tim Kasher, one of the Saddle Creek Heros, Cursive and The Good Life Singer, has made his solo debut in 2010. The Record as a whole is a master piece. Theatrical arrangements and instrumentations, lyrical perfection and the whole concept mark “The Game of Monogamy”.
Besides “I’m Afraid, I’m Gonna Die Here”, “The Prodigal Husband”, “No Fireworks”, “Strays”, I’d consider, that “There must be Something I've lost” is my favorite song of the album. A song, I think, that everyone can connect with.
But I don’t want to reveal too much. Everyone, who’s a fan of the singer-songwriter/ indie- genre, should listen to this brilliant record! That’s it!
 I'm afraid I'm gonna Die Here - Tim Kasher

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