Freitag, 22. April 2011

Oh Pinocchio, that nose will grow.

Tim Kasher...probably one of the most underrated singer songwriters of all time.
I wonder why this song never made it on an album...I know that it became "Driftwood" by Cursive later, but actually I prefer this version more ..

Oh Valentine, you were never mine
So nevermind my resentment towards you, or reasons for killing you
A fling for the winter, a bed full of splinters
So here's your records back,
I made sure all of them were smashed
Only half the damage you did behind my back
Here's the telephone, I won't be needing one at all
'Cause if you ever call me I'd probably die of shock

(I know about whom you wrote that song...)

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Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

It's cool, we can still be friends.

Remember the card you sent me? Well, it's cool, we can still be friends..

And you say that I hurt you, in a voice like a prayer.
Yeah, you say that I've hurt you, and your voice is like a prayer.
Yeah, well maybe I hurt you sometimes, but let's contrast and compare .
Lift up your shirt, the wound isn't there.

I guess that your truth, is just the ghost of your lies I guess your kind of truth, is just the ghost of your lies Yeah, your kind of truth, darling, is just the ghost of your lies.
I see through them all the time.

I'm pouring some whiskey right now, I'm going to get so, so drunk.
That I pass out,
forget your face,
by the time I wake up.

Kind of a stupid game. Isn't it?

How come we play war and not peace?

Samstag, 5. März 2011

I'm not in love.

I saw your picture hangin’on the back of my door
Won’t give you my heart,
No one lives there anymore
I'm not in love
I'm not in love
I'm not in love
I'm not in love

When it gets too blue, Black Out.

Don't mind..I was just super bored yesterday night..

I should remember again, why I get that tattoo.
I black out.

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

All these ideas of forever are just fundamentally wrong.

She said: "Without you I'll be dead!"
...Well, I don't want to sound cruel here..but you still seem to be pretty alive.

Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

You and Me,That is an awful lie. It’s I and I - Bright Eyes 2/18/2011 @ Berlin, Lido

Without any doubt this Bright Eyes show on Feb. 18 in Berlin, Lido has been the best concert I've ever been to. I was waiting 5 years to finally see them live (don't ask me why I couldn't manage it before...). 
Just to make sure I'll stand in first row I was waiting almost 3 hours in front of the entrance (some might call it obsessive and crazy..but some will understand me). When I finally got in, the first thing I did was to ensure my place just in front of the stage. Just half an hour later the support act came upon stage and so it was my second time seeing Tim Kasher live this week. This time Tim played just a few songs of his solo record, but it still was amazing...
At 9 o'clock and after some impatiently waiting of mine, the intro of Firewall with the voice of Denny Brewer sounded through the speakers. The band with Conor Oberst entered the stage and started to peform one of my favorite songs on the new record Firewall, followed by Haile Selassie and after those my personal first highlight of the show Goldmine Gutted. Conor Oberst seemed a little drunk but altogether he was in a "good mood", I'd say...I heard some crazy stories before when he was really angry and drunk and screamed around. But it wasn't that bad in Berlin, so in a Conor-Oberst-way he was in some good temper. 
He also was very close to the audience, for example when he played Approxiamte Sunlight. They also played Nothing Gets Crossed out, my second personal highlight and Conor dedicated it to Tim Kasher ("But I'm tryin' and take some comfort in written words, yeah Tim I heard your album and it's better than good. When you get off tour I think we should hang and black out together.")
The final song they played was One for you, One for me. I liked the song before but now, after hearing it live, I love it even more.
Other highlights were Poison Oak, Padraic My Prince, Something Vague, An Attempt to Tip the Scales and The Calender Hung itself.
I tried to make a few photos during the show, but I couldn't use flash and so the quality isn't very good. Besides I stood right in front of Conor and I really didn't want to harm him with making photos of him the whole time. But I managed to grab the setlist after the show.
I am really excited about the following german dates in june. I already got my tickets for Berlin and Cologne.

I stole one of those..


Mike Mogis

Setlist (they played Something Vague instead of Cartoon Blues..)

Some crazy girls kind of forced him to make a photo with them after the show. I am jealous. I was too shy and he had to leave..

And so I drink to stay warm
And to kill selected memories.

Montag, 21. Februar 2011

We're a family of strays, but together we've been found - Tim Kasher, Leipzig 2/16/2011 @naTo

Just one day after the lovely Azure Ray show, me and two friends were attending at the Tim Kasher concert. The venue naTo was really cool. Just a small stage, which created a very intimate atmosphere and an extra room with a bar, where you could smoke and they sold some delicious red wine for just 2, 90 € ..and yes I drank a little too much of those..
Anyway..the concert was really amazing. The support act Mexican Elvis, that also formed the band around Tim Kasher, was great, too. You should do yourself a favor and listen to their song the show they played this song with Tim Kasher by the way..
I have not much words to say about the concert. It was just great.. that's it. I loved the songs he choosed to play, almost his whole solo record (I already told you in an older post how much I do love the album..) and also three The Good Life songs and two Cursive songs. Tim Kasher is just such an amazing live artist and so the songs sound even better when he's singing them live. I would have almost cried when he played The Prodigal Husband with the Mexican Elvis girl or The Recluse, if I didn't stand in the first row...that would be embarrassing..
Is there anything else to say? I don't think so. Here's the setlist by the way:

No Fireworks
Bad, bad dreams
There must be something I've lost
You don't feel like home to me (The Good Life)
Grown Man
Surprise, surprise
The Recluse (Cursive)
Album of the Year (The Good Life)
I'm Afraid I'm gonna die here

The Prodigal Husband
Empty Bed (The Good Life)
Cold Love
From the Hips (Cursive)

P.S. After the show I had the chance to talk to Tim and he told me that a new Cursive record will be released in 2012, followed by a tour..Good news !!

You think too much
such terrible endings
You drink so much
to start the forgetting
Support act Mexican Elvis

Probably the only picture I will post of myself. Making a silly face..but he also does. ha ha.

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

It's funny how you can forget there's a world outside yourself - Azure Ray, Leipzig 2/15/2011@Schaubühne Lindenfels

On feb 15th I went to see Azure Ray live in Leipzig, Germany. I'm not so sure anymore of the setlist they played, but there have been old and new songs. I was a little disappointed that they didn't play my current favorite on the new album "Walking in circles". And so even bigger was the surprise that they played "Raining in Athens", which is probably my all-time favrorite song by them.The location fit like no other, which was also confirmed by Maria Taylor when she said, that this was the most lovely venue where they played so far. Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink were admirable as expected. With some wine in my hand and a precious friend of mine I stood in the first row and listened to songs like "November", "If you fall", "Signs in the leaves", "Safe and sound", "Hold on love" and "The drinks we drank last night". It's true, beautiful things can come from the dark.
Also the support act Sir Simon Battle was surprisingly good. This guy is it definitely worth to keep an eye on.
Here are some photos I made. I also made some videos, but actually the quality of the sound is too bad, so I won't post them..

Sitting audience before the concert.

Maria Taylor.
Orenda Fink.

Montag, 14. Februar 2011

It's Valentine's Day.

Usually I don't care about Valentine's Day, but I do like this song:


I won’t tell you, baby, you drink too much
This year, on Valentine’s Day.
And I won’t see you looking at that girl’s butt
This year, on Valentine’s Day.
I won’t remind you I’m not for granted,
Won’t have to beg you to take a shower.
I won’t even cry cause you don’t love me enough
This year, on Valentine’s Day.
Got my bags packed and I’m bringing the dog,
Going too fast on the highway.
Lost my love for me when I loved you,
Gonna reclaim it all on Valentine’s Day.
True love at last, on Valentine’s Day.

Gonna have dinner with the coolest girl,
Although she’s been broken down during this stay.
Just me, myself and my biggest laughter
Candle light dinner on Valentine’s Day.
And then, I’ll go dancing at the finest club,
Find a kid who’s ready to play.
Gonna get all the pleasure you never could give me,
This year on Valentine’s Day.
True love at last, on Valentine’s Day.

So I hope you are sorry and I wish you the worst
And that’s all I had to say.
I think we have fish sticks if you need dinner
This year, on Valentine’s Day.
Got a feeling this is going to be Valentine’s year.
Roses are red and violets are blue, sugar is sweet and I’m leaving you.

Montag, 31. Januar 2011

There's a leak...

..of the new Bright Eyes record "The People's Key". But I, heroic as I am, told myself I will wait at least until Feb 1st when I will receive my official download link from Saddle Creek. But right now I hate it to be patient..for this purpose I need some Non-Bright Eyes music.


Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

Ice Water.

I am so, angry.
I am so, at ease.
I feel just like some great big disease.
I think you need ice water.
But the only thing that you really hate,
Is all it's emptiness.
Ah, you'll swim.
And I will drink myself to death.

Momentarily I kind of have problems to cheer myself up and so I am not really in the mood to write or do anything and to care about this blog thing. According to this: let's listen to even more depressing music, like the beautiful Cat Power and her song "Ice Water".
And tomorrow there will be a new day and I will go out again, study and maybe buy some clothes to make myself feel brand-new. 2011 here I finally come!
(And that's what we call sarcasm.)

Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Unknown II.

© shot and edited by Timo

My mother taught me to be frightened.
My father taught me how to be invisible.
Broken glass, dripping blood. I hear you scream.

My lover taught me to be brave, but I killed her with my fear.
Only mirrors watching me. I am the only one to blame.
Empty streets, crashing cars. I hear you scream.

Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Hello Conor Oberst.

And I sing and sing of awful things
The pleasure that my sadness brings.
(Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh)

I just heard of the most exciting news right now...On Feb 18th Bright Eyes are playing in Berlin. This friday will be the perfect ending for my week:
  • Feb 15th Azure Ray in Leipzig, Germany.
  • Feb 15th  The People's Key in Stores.
  • Feb 16th Tim Kasher in Lepzig, Germany.
  • Feb 18th Bright Eyes in Berlin, Germany.

Couldn't be better. Let's just hope I don't get sick or something. Happened to me before. 

Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Let's call it pathetic.

How foolish of me to think I ever could fix myself while sribbling awkward poetry.
As if these wounds could ever heal themselves, as if I could ever remove the scars from my arms.
And as if she could ever take back all of her lies..
So I ripped my heart out, I cut my tongue off, I burned my eyes out. But her ghost still kept on chasing me. Soon I found out that it’s better being a skeleton, than being caught in this endless race.
And so all my friends left me…or was it me who left them?
Well, too bad that there’s no one here I could ask. Just me and my self-loathing reflection in the mirror.
And the little demon boy with his smiling face is still staring at me. I know, slowly I will disappear.

I found myself again in these dirty clubs, I once loved but now hate so much. The drinks are filling me up with empty laughter. I don’t fit here anymore. The darkest corner is where I’d chose to be. 
 Would you come with me and please get me another drink?
It’s just… I hate this place, I hate this crowd.
I guess you felt sorry for me and so you drove me home. We spent the night together, but in the morning I sent you away. I can’t even stand myself. My temperature just never drops.
I went to the river and drowned all of her dresses. I don’t want anything of hers anymore. And as I returned to the cave, I made myself, I found her message on my phone. She asks where I’ve been and how I am.
I decided to hide under my blanket, that feels like cold steel, and wait until the echos of her voice in my head will finally become silent.

© shot and edited by Timo

Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

Soap & Skin.

I search in snow, in vain
For your footsteps trail
I have to kiss them
With my scalding tears
Until I see the ground
(Extinguish Me)

I probably forgot to mention Soap&Skin in my Top5 Review of 2010.. Her amazing record “Lovetune for Vacuum” is dark, dramatic and devastating. She’s an artist from Austria. I’d describe her music, always in company with a dark sounding piano, as experimental.
So, I highly recommend her album. Here is her song “Spiracle”, one of my favorites on the album. 

Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011


I don’t want to fight,
You want to defeat me.
Also I am already lost everytime I see you.
And so there is nothing left to do for me.
I tried to make myself feel better, the stones were much too heavy to lift.
And so I just lie around here and wait for nothing to come.
I tried to move my arms to make an perfect angel in the snow for you.
But I got too nervous with all these starving eyes watching me.
So don’t you look at me. Because there is nothing you will ever find.
Just the cracks on my face, just the weight on my shoulders.
And all those sad sad songs, I can connect with too easily, with these voices telling me terrible things and wrapped in such a perfect melody. 
I got my cheap wine here beside me to fill my brain and to blind my eyes. And this is all I ever need from now on.
When there are no friends left I will find comfort in my own drunken stutter.
And I will finally become one with the falling leaves. I will find myself in a dying dream, so simple and true, that there will be no place for you.
But in my head you will always stumble around as the liar you have been.

Montag, 3. Januar 2011