Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Let's call it pathetic.

How foolish of me to think I ever could fix myself while sribbling awkward poetry.
As if these wounds could ever heal themselves, as if I could ever remove the scars from my arms.
And as if she could ever take back all of her lies..
So I ripped my heart out, I cut my tongue off, I burned my eyes out. But her ghost still kept on chasing me. Soon I found out that it’s better being a skeleton, than being caught in this endless race.
And so all my friends left me…or was it me who left them?
Well, too bad that there’s no one here I could ask. Just me and my self-loathing reflection in the mirror.
And the little demon boy with his smiling face is still staring at me. I know, slowly I will disappear.

I found myself again in these dirty clubs, I once loved but now hate so much. The drinks are filling me up with empty laughter. I don’t fit here anymore. The darkest corner is where I’d chose to be. 
 Would you come with me and please get me another drink?
It’s just… I hate this place, I hate this crowd.
I guess you felt sorry for me and so you drove me home. We spent the night together, but in the morning I sent you away. I can’t even stand myself. My temperature just never drops.
I went to the river and drowned all of her dresses. I don’t want anything of hers anymore. And as I returned to the cave, I made myself, I found her message on my phone. She asks where I’ve been and how I am.
I decided to hide under my blanket, that feels like cold steel, and wait until the echos of her voice in my head will finally become silent.

© shot and edited by Timo

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