Donnerstag, 6. Januar 2011


I don’t want to fight,
You want to defeat me.
Also I am already lost everytime I see you.
And so there is nothing left to do for me.
I tried to make myself feel better, the stones were much too heavy to lift.
And so I just lie around here and wait for nothing to come.
I tried to move my arms to make an perfect angel in the snow for you.
But I got too nervous with all these starving eyes watching me.
So don’t you look at me. Because there is nothing you will ever find.
Just the cracks on my face, just the weight on my shoulders.
And all those sad sad songs, I can connect with too easily, with these voices telling me terrible things and wrapped in such a perfect melody. 
I got my cheap wine here beside me to fill my brain and to blind my eyes. And this is all I ever need from now on.
When there are no friends left I will find comfort in my own drunken stutter.
And I will finally become one with the falling leaves. I will find myself in a dying dream, so simple and true, that there will be no place for you.
But in my head you will always stumble around as the liar you have been.

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