Dienstag, 22. Februar 2011

You and Me,That is an awful lie. It’s I and I - Bright Eyes 2/18/2011 @ Berlin, Lido

Without any doubt this Bright Eyes show on Feb. 18 in Berlin, Lido has been the best concert I've ever been to. I was waiting 5 years to finally see them live (don't ask me why I couldn't manage it before...). 
Just to make sure I'll stand in first row I was waiting almost 3 hours in front of the entrance (some might call it obsessive and crazy..but some will understand me). When I finally got in, the first thing I did was to ensure my place just in front of the stage. Just half an hour later the support act came upon stage and so it was my second time seeing Tim Kasher live this week. This time Tim played just a few songs of his solo record, but it still was amazing...
At 9 o'clock and after some impatiently waiting of mine, the intro of Firewall with the voice of Denny Brewer sounded through the speakers. The band with Conor Oberst entered the stage and started to peform one of my favorite songs on the new record Firewall, followed by Haile Selassie and after those my personal first highlight of the show Goldmine Gutted. Conor Oberst seemed a little drunk but altogether he was in a "good mood", I'd say...I heard some crazy stories before when he was really angry and drunk and screamed around. But it wasn't that bad in Berlin, so in a Conor-Oberst-way he was in some good temper. 
He also was very close to the audience, for example when he played Approxiamte Sunlight. They also played Nothing Gets Crossed out, my second personal highlight and Conor dedicated it to Tim Kasher ("But I'm tryin' and take some comfort in written words, yeah Tim I heard your album and it's better than good. When you get off tour I think we should hang and black out together.")
The final song they played was One for you, One for me. I liked the song before but now, after hearing it live, I love it even more.
Other highlights were Poison Oak, Padraic My Prince, Something Vague, An Attempt to Tip the Scales and The Calender Hung itself.
I tried to make a few photos during the show, but I couldn't use flash and so the quality isn't very good. Besides I stood right in front of Conor and I really didn't want to harm him with making photos of him the whole time. But I managed to grab the setlist after the show.
I am really excited about the following german dates in june. I already got my tickets for Berlin and Cologne.

I stole one of those..


Mike Mogis

Setlist (they played Something Vague instead of Cartoon Blues..)

Some crazy girls kind of forced him to make a photo with them after the show. I am jealous. I was too shy and he had to leave..

And so I drink to stay warm
And to kill selected memories.


  1. ich war paar tage spaeter dran.

    ohne worte.

  2. in amsterdam? oh, da wäre ich auch gerne noch hingegangen..

  3. ja. berlin war ja innerhalb von wenigen minuten weg. amsterdam war auch geografisch naeher.

    und ich hab jetzt noch ein koeln ticket... :)