Montag, 21. Februar 2011

We're a family of strays, but together we've been found - Tim Kasher, Leipzig 2/16/2011 @naTo

Just one day after the lovely Azure Ray show, me and two friends were attending at the Tim Kasher concert. The venue naTo was really cool. Just a small stage, which created a very intimate atmosphere and an extra room with a bar, where you could smoke and they sold some delicious red wine for just 2, 90 € ..and yes I drank a little too much of those..
Anyway..the concert was really amazing. The support act Mexican Elvis, that also formed the band around Tim Kasher, was great, too. You should do yourself a favor and listen to their song the show they played this song with Tim Kasher by the way..
I have not much words to say about the concert. It was just great.. that's it. I loved the songs he choosed to play, almost his whole solo record (I already told you in an older post how much I do love the album..) and also three The Good Life songs and two Cursive songs. Tim Kasher is just such an amazing live artist and so the songs sound even better when he's singing them live. I would have almost cried when he played The Prodigal Husband with the Mexican Elvis girl or The Recluse, if I didn't stand in the first row...that would be embarrassing..
Is there anything else to say? I don't think so. Here's the setlist by the way:

No Fireworks
Bad, bad dreams
There must be something I've lost
You don't feel like home to me (The Good Life)
Grown Man
Surprise, surprise
The Recluse (Cursive)
Album of the Year (The Good Life)
I'm Afraid I'm gonna die here

The Prodigal Husband
Empty Bed (The Good Life)
Cold Love
From the Hips (Cursive)

P.S. After the show I had the chance to talk to Tim and he told me that a new Cursive record will be released in 2012, followed by a tour..Good news !!

You think too much
such terrible endings
You drink so much
to start the forgetting
Support act Mexican Elvis

Probably the only picture I will post of myself. Making a silly face..but he also does. ha ha.

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